The science behind being a lucky unicorn

Love it! 🙂

I am a free unicorn

All my life, people told me i was lucky.  They would ask me how the fuck i did something and what’s the way to reproduce my results.

I remember when i  watched The Secret (a documentary that i higly recommend even if it is rather motivaional than scientific or explanatory)

With the law of attraction in mind, i decided that instead of learning for the romanian exam, i would visualise having great results. I haven’t done a single essay, i haven’t even read for it.

That year, the exams were checked by a very exigent teacher

i was one of the very few of the class who got a result better than 9.

The vast majority was scored around 8. I took 9,80. Not bad, huh? So when i saw my grade and started shoughting crazily „OMG, it was THE SECRET“,   people kinda wanted to know what was it…

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