Everyone is different, everyone has his or her own perspective, her own wrong or right. Everyone has his unique purpose and role in this universe. Everyone has his own desires and needs. Although we are all human beings, that doesn’t mean that we always have to agree. I think, seing the world through the eyes of someone else is not that easy. We can be empathic, we can be understanding, but can we really step into other people’s shoes?

I tried it many times, but I often end up just trying to understand that situation the other person is in. I can be with her, be present with her or his emotions.. But I cannot completely feel the way he or she feels.. Maybe because I am distracted by my own thoughts about how the situation should be like.. Maybe because I assumed to know what she or he feels like, but it was only my interpretation.. Or maybe because I am just trying to fit this other person into a category that I’ve already got to know.

However, because we are all humans, but with different beliefs and opinions, our world is diverse. We were raised up differently and we were educated in various ways and schools. Even if we were raised up in the same way, we developed in different ways. It is not always easy to be on the exact same level.. This is what this world about.

Therefore, we can listen. We can ask questions. We can wonder why things are like this and explore. There will not always be only one exact truth, but we can find what makes most sense to us. Can’t we?


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