Wisdom taught at home..

This might sound familiar to some of you…

My father taught me logic:
„Because I say so!“

My mother taught me foresight:
„Make sure you wear clean underwear in case you have an accident“

My father taught me irony:
„Keep crying like that and I’ll give you something to cry about“

My mother taught me about hypocrisy:
„I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a million times“

My mother taught me genetics:
„You are just like your father..“


In a perfect world…

all children would have the opportunity to have a safe, healthy and happy start in life.

Every child would be nurtured by a loving family and responsible parents.

Every child would have enough to eat and wouldn’t be thirsty. Every child would have a warm bed with a soft pillow to sleep in, and a cuddly toy for when it’s alone.

Every child would enjoy being a child and being taken seriously for it’s needs and wants. Every child would enjoy play and be without sorrow, without worries about what his parents might be complaining or arguing about next..

(some of the words originally by Brian Tobin, founder of Iceni Ipswich)

Gefühle sind nicht für immer..

Was immer du gerade fühlst, es wird vermutlich nicht für den Rest der Woche so bleiben. Vermutlich nichtmal für den Rest des Tages..
Gefühle kommen und vergehen.. Manchmal dauert es länger, manchmal geht es schneller. Aber eins habe ich aus eigener Erfahrung gelernt,..

Wenn ich meinem Gefühl keinen Raum gebe, das heißt, es nicht fühle, sondern irgendwie versuche mich abzulenken oder so zu tun als wäre es nicht schlimm, dann bleibt es!
Warum ist das so? Wo immer wir uns gegen wehren, bleibt umso hartnäckiger bestehen.
(„Whatever we resist, persists.“)
Kennt ihr das? wir sprechen unseren Ärger/ Groll nicht aus und er bleibt innerlich.. Er wird sogar noch mehr, einfach weil wir ihm keinen Raum geben.

Ärgerlich, oder? Find ich auch..
Ich finde, das muss nicht so sein. Aus diesem Grund habe ich mich dazu entschieden meinen Emotionen Raum zu geben. Sie auszusprechen und auszuleben.

Das heißt aber nicht, dass ich der nächsten Person, auf die ich wütend bin an den Kragen gehe. Nein, ich kann das im Nachhinein auch meiner Freundin/Schwester oder näheren Bezugsperson erzählen und mich dann einfach ausheulen bzw. sagen, warum ich so sauer bin! Und zwar wirklich.
Wenn ich gerade niemanden habe, zu dem ich gehen kann, dann setze ich mich vor meine Kamera und erzähle es ihr.. bzw. mir selbst.

Das ist unter anderen auch ganz witzig, wenn man es sich später oder am nächsten Tag, auch eine Woche später nochmal anschaut. Und kann durchaus dazu führen, dass man dann gute Laune bekommt, weil es schon vergangen ist, und weil man sich nun eben besser fühlt. Gefühle bleiben halt nicht für immer. 😉

Bleibt offen, und fühlt. 🙂

Surprise, surprise

What if asking one simple question over a period of 30 days could change your life?

This question is that simple, really easy.

What do I need right now?

Feel into yourself and then go for it. Go for your personal need. Yours. And feel good doing it..AO3W9267a

Don’t negotiate. Just try. Commit!

This is self-love

The science behind being a lucky unicorn

Love it! 🙂

I am a free unicorn

All my life, people told me i was lucky.  They would ask me how the fuck i did something and what’s the way to reproduce my results.

I remember when i  watched The Secret (a documentary that i higly recommend even if it is rather motivaional than scientific or explanatory)

With the law of attraction in mind, i decided that instead of learning for the romanian exam, i would visualise having great results. I haven’t done a single essay, i haven’t even read for it.

That year, the exams were checked by a very exigent teacher

i was one of the very few of the class who got a result better than 9.

The vast majority was scored around 8. I took 9,80. Not bad, huh? So when i saw my grade and started shoughting crazily „OMG, it was THE SECRET“,   people kinda wanted to know what was it…

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I didn’t give an answer… but now!

Benjamin(TheMellowMindExperience) hat vor ca. zwei Monaten meinen Artikel geteilt, in dem ich 4 Fragen gestellt habe. Und viele weitere haben diese Fragen beantwortet. Habe mich sehr darüber gefreut! 🙂
Leider hatte ich dieser Zeit soviel um die Ohren, dass es nicht der richtige Zeitpunkt war um selbst mal einen etwas längeren Artikel dazu zu verfassen.
Nun bin ich dran, diese Fragen zu beantworten. Ich habe mich dazu entschlossen, da ich ja derzeit in England bin dies auch auf Englisch zu tun.. 🙂

1. What is special about your life?

That I try to be thankful for every single day. Even for every situation that happens. I am constantly searching for the deeper meaning und purpose in life. I write down nearly every morning what I am grateful for. I am actively creating the reality I want to see. I am on the path to follow my desires and my souls purpose, so to speak. I am finding out what I love and go for it. I am growing every week and I embrace it! I think everyone’s life is special, so I have my struggles to particularly state what is so special about MY life. But Life is a journey and I am on the path to find myself more and more. Find out that I am important, figure out what is loveable about myself and my life.

2. To whom would you say I love you to?

To my friends and family. Especially my parents and my sister. I just love them for who they are. To everyone who has supported me and supports me. To the people that went with me through the deepest valleys of my life. To the people I can celebrate my peaks and happy moments with. And eventually, genuinely to myself.

3. What would you like to be remembered for?

I would like to be remembered for being a lovely soul, a person that was of service to others. I would like to inspire people with my story. Being a motivation. I would like to be remembered for having something to share with the world. Being brave and passionate about things. Being different. Being always in motion. I would like to be remembered for being understanding, helping and giving right advice when needed. I would like to be seen as the positive light in someone else’s life. For challenging believes and for recovering from the past, brave enough to face feelings and express them.

4. What is your plan on this earth, in this one precious life?

Going on, always looking outside the box. Meeting many people. Travelling, finding new insights and get to know myself better.. Finally, Finding my plan! 😀